Tuesday, September 7 from 4-5:30 p.m.

First Sunset Hills Adopt-A-Stream clean up! 

Meet at the corner of South Greenway and Berkley Place


This is our first event on behalf of Sunset Hills Environmental Affairs (SHEA).  We are partnering with the City of Greensboro to make this a public event through Greensboro Goes Green!  All residents of the neighborhood and beyond are welcome to join in!


This will likely be an easy stream clean up as it is a short section of the branch and it does not (thankfully) have a lot of litter in it. So…that means it is a great chance to get your feet wet (!!) in the world of stream clean ups and meet some new environmentally passionate folks at the same time!  


Laine Roberts, Public Education Coordinator for the City of Greensboro, will join us at the park to guide this event.  She will lead us off with safety protocols and talk about the importance of removing litter from our streams (and parks and streets)!  She will also weigh and catalog the waste and record it with the Ocean Conservancy.  We will share that task with her at the end of our clean up (sorting, weighing, and recycling what can be recycled) and will also report to the North Carolina Wildlife Federation as part of their #Trees4Trash program.  For every 25 pounds of litter removed from our environment, the program gives the organization free native plants in return!  We can then use these in our Sunset Hills park project later in the year as we work to remove invasive plants and replace them with natives!  A win win for all!


Here are the particulars:


When: Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 4 p.m.


Where: Meet at the corner of South Greenway and Berkley Place (at the playground)


Who: Anyone 10 and up can participate!


What to wear: Closed toe shoes are REQUIRED for safety.  Beyond that, be prepared to get wet (and dirty) if you step into the creek while cleaning.  


Bring: Rubber or gardening gloves, reusable water bottle, a positive “can-do” attitude!  Special note:  We are piloting the new method of collecting litter in buckets instead of using single-use plastic bags.  If you have a handled bucket you want to bring with you, feel free!  Otherwise, we will have a stack of them available!  


Thanks for helping us make Sunset Hills and Greensboro green and clean!

(With our adoption of this portion of the stream, the entire branch through our neighborhood is now fully adopted!   

Stream Map.png