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Sunset Hills Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors

Scott Michaels

Vice President
Burke Ramsay

Cindy Ramsay


Elaine Brune

Mail $10 annual dues to: 2504 Sylvan Road
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Neighborhood Watch
Mary Schwarz
David Hammer

Ferdinand Stout

Neighborhood Watch / Block Captain Coordinator
Elaine Brune (South of Market)
OPEN (North of Market)

Transportation Committee Chair

Gerry Alfano

Social Events
Leah McCoy

Sarah Purcell

Newsletter Team
Marlene Pratto
Elaine Brune
Roger Bardsley

Carole Potter
Chip Potter
Carl Phillips
Denise Baker
Robin Timmins


Environmental Affairs
Erin Reis

Garden Club Representative
Michelle Togut


Web site coordinator
Robin Timmins


Listserv coordinator

Adam Graham-Squire

Event Coordinators

Easter Egg Hunt - Cindy Ramsay 
Fourth of July - Open
Halloween in the Park -
Michael Driver

Annual Pig Pickin' - Gary Rogers 


Troy Hopkins


Representatives to the Neighborhood Congress
Mike Pendergraft
Gerry Alfano