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The Centennial Committee

  • The Centennial Committee has met several times and has some great ideas about how we can celebrate the neighborhood's centennial in 2024. 

  • Preservation Greensboro will do their tour of homes in Sunset Hills in 2024

  • There will be a social media campaign to highlight the park, architecture and residents 

  • Some neighbors have started submitting T-shirt ideas to have a centennial Tshirt

  • A few ideas have been submitted to the participatory budget process. As we know more about what ideas will turn into proposals, we will keep you posted. One of those ideas is a gazebo/shelter. 

  • If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in the centennial, please email Cindy Ramsay (put email in chatbox


The centennial goal is to plant 100 trees by 2024. 

If you would like a native tree planted in your yard, please contact Randall Romie, 

There is a $25 application fee per tree to go towards the replanting program. SHNA Dues must also be paid for the address where the tree is planted. 


A. K. Moore


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