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Sunset Hills Environmental Affairs Group

Sunset Hills Environmental Affairs (SHEA) is a group of engaged Sunset Hills residents who are developing projects for our neighborhood (and beyond) to reduce our carbon footprint and address climate change. For more information, contact

Lights Out Program

No Mow Until May

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The Environmental Affairs Committee has been working on improving the natural areas of the park. Invasives tend to grow quickly, out competing native vegetation for available nutrients. Invasive vines, especially, can overgrow native trees and plants, smothering out the sunlight. Native wildlife loses habitat when these changes occur. 

Robin Davis, a passionate neighbor, is spearheading this endeavor. Work will start in June to remove invasive species in the park from Berkeley to Friendly. (This will also include the removal of poison ivy which has become very prevalent around the play areas). Click here for a presentation with more details. 

Funding for this project will come from 
Robin Davis
Sunset Hills Neighborhood Association 
Sunset Hills Garden Club 
This work will also be in partnership with Greensboro Beautiful. 

This fall look out for a planting party to fill the park with natural species to support the wildlife that live in the park and passes through. 




We are made up of three working groups. To learn more about a group, or to get involved, please click the header of the working group to be connected with its chairperson!


Sunset Hills Eco Communications

Builds enthusiasm for collective environmental engagement through activities such as the Meatless Monday Club. Organizes SHEA’s materials and promotes all three working groups’ activities by sharing information, project news, and opportunities through the neighborhood newsletter, listserv, website, new neighbor welcome packets, social media, and as many other channels of information as it can find! 


Stewards of Sunset Hills

Focuses on the natural environment, both in Sunset Hills Park and in individual yards, by promoting native plants and other practices that enhance ecological health. Potential projects include planting native trees and rehabbing the park to remove invasive species, ensure stream health, install a walking path and gazebo, and place educational signage. 


Renewable Electrification while Preserving Historical Character

Finds ways to increase the production of renewable energy in the neighborhood, encouraging neighborhood homes, businesses and churches to install rooftop solar where practical, promoting electric vehicles, and encouraging residents to make their homes and daily lives more energy-efficient. 


Each group has begun projects to work toward the goal of making Sunset Hills a model of environmental sustainability and ecological health. From February through May 2021, the group participated in the Enlivening Neighborhoods program created by Emerging Ecology, a local nonprofit organization that works with communities to engage neighbors in considering and acting on economic, social, and environmental issues.

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