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Upcoming Events


Next “Rock the Park” will be Thursday July 15th at 5:30ish.

After the overwhelmingly positive response, our neighborhood group has organized another event. We promise the slow food truck issue will be solved!


The event will feature

Into the Fog ( )

HomeSlice Pizza food truck ( )

Ice Cream from Skeel’s Ice Cream Truck ( )


We look forward to seeing our neighbors, kids and friends on Greenway Drive between Rolling and Madison!


This event is self funding so if you’d like to help in any way please let us know.

John Kelly

December 11, 2021 





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 Pay $10 annual dues:

Mail to Elaine Brune, 2504 Sylvan Road, or use

No PayPal account required.  Fill in name(s) and address and click "Pay Now".


Previous Events


April 3rd - Easter Egg Hunt

Hi Friendly Neighbors, 


My good friend, the Easter bunny, has informed me that due to many normal Easter events being cancelled, like the Sunset Hills egg hunt, he will make an appearance. 


He will do the same bicycle route as last year, map attached. 


The Easter bunny will start the bike ride at 11:00am, this Saturday (April 3rd). It may be a little chilly so dress warmly and be stationed on the route. It will likely take around 25-30 minutes to do the whole route at a leisurely pace. The start and end is at the corner of Rolling and Tremont. 


This will be a contactless activity so pictures with the bunny won’t be possible, but the bunny is happy to be in the background of pictures as folks are stationed on the route. 


To make this more magical for your household, you can plan to hide a few eggs in your yard that morning so after the bunny visit you can go on a hunt at your home. (If you need some plastic eggs and would like to borrow some from the neighborhood stash - just message me personally and we can coordinate - no need to buy new.) Also, feel free to donate any eggs after this holiday weekend to the neighborhood stash for a future neighborhood egg hunt. 


The Easter bunny is excited to see all of your faces Saturday morning! 


Reach out with any questions,

Cindy Ramsay

 May 1st - Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale


Sunset Hills Meet and Greet Gathering June 17 5:30-10pm

A group of neighbors thought it would be fun to block off the street, get a band, have a food truck come by and hopefully enjoy a great evening of weather and friends near our tennis court. We have had some turnover in the neighborhood and with CoVid shutting down many of our 2020 previously scheduled events…..we decided to try and put something together. Some details: Greenway Drive in front of the tennis court will be closed to traffic, the


Band: Turpentine Shine ( )

Food Truck: Pearl Kitchen (

Shaved Ice: Kona Ice Truck (

Kids are extremely welcome, BYOB and please socialize with old and new neighbors! God knows being locked away for a year we all need a little socializing. We will follow state CoVid guidelines for a small outdoor gathering. Tips are welcome/encouraged for the band and if anyone wants to help cover some of the sunk costs please let me know. Look forward to seeing some exposed chins and noses!