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Email Listserv

Sunset Hills has a Google group email listserv for residents of the neighborhood to share knowledge, questions, concerns, etc. If you live in the area, we urge you to join the list for up to the minute information about what's happening in the neighborhood.

How to sign up for the email listserv:
If you would like to sign up for the listserv, email the Listserv coordinator

Adam Graham-Squire.  In the email, please include your name and address in the neighborhood.

How to post on the listserv:

To send a message to the neighborhood, simply email

The email will be checked for appropriateness (based on the rules below) and then approved by our listserv moderator team, at which point it will go out to everyone on the list.  To reply to an individual who posted an email to the listserv, click "Reply."  If you want your reply to go to the whole listserv, click "Reply to All"

Rules for posting on the Sunset Hills email listserv:

Please remember this service was started so that neighbors can more easily help each other.  This is not the place for posting opinions or "me, too" messages.  The moderator team appreciates your understanding and use of these rules.  

1. Only neighbors who have paid their $10.00 association dues are allowed to post non-emergency emails.  

2. If you wish to agree or disagree with a posting, please contact the individual who sent the email.

3. The listserv cannot be used to vent anger or call names.

4. Non-solicited business recommendations are not permitted unless other neighbors are requesting recommendations.

5. You should personally introduce yourself to immediate neighbors, not post on the listserv. 

6. State facts when using the listserv.  Opinions should be kept to a minimum, or not expressed at all.

7. NO EMAIL FORWARDS unless it's official city or government related business.

8. Events happening in Sunset Hills can be posted; events happening outside the neighborhood cannot.

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