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Neighbors, please keep in mind that with just a small effort we can help over 150 species of birds to fly more safely through Greensboro at night, when they rely on the stars and the moon for navigation. 

During the peak migration seasons, we can follow the Audubon Society’s Lights Out program by 

  • turning off (or dimming down) exterior decorative lighting each night, e.g., by using timers.

  • turning off (or dimming down) unnecessary interior lights at night or using window treatments that block light, especially on upper floors.

Safety is an important issue. This initiative is concerned with non-essential lightening. Of course, what counts as essential is a personal matter. Using motion sensor lights or directing your lights downward rather than upward can be a great balance. 

For Greensboro, the periods for the "Lights out for birds" initiative are March 15-May 31 and Sept 10-Nov 30 .

Large or small, all efforts make a difference. Installing a year-round timer for your outdoor lights, for instance, will make a long lasting impact (and save you some money).

You’ll find more information about the Lights Out program here: (Greensboro specific) (General initiative)

Please also keep in mind that Greensboro will have an International Dark Sky Week: April 2-8, 2024.  


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