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Family-Friendly Nature Walk in Sunset Hills
Sunday, October 23, 2-3 pm

A reminder that everyone is welcome to join our guided nature walk through the Sunset Hills Park as part of T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon’s fall nature walk series.


Jack Jezorek will be leading this walk and I will be tagging along and sharing park project updates as well (invasive plant removal, native plantings, and returning the park to pristine ecological health).  Jack and I met earlier this week to walk and chat about what we saw and I learned so much from him in that 20 minutes!  Jack is a long-time (and I mean long-time!) Audubon board member and past president.  He was part of Guilford County’s Open Space committee and was responsible for helping secure the Haw River State Park lands for conservation among many other things.  He has great knowledge about streams and the topography of our area.  I looked at our park pretty differently (in an even better way!) after our mini walk that afternoon.


So join us @ 2pm this Sunday just to the right of the tennis court at the stone benches.  We will take a leisurely walk along the stream.  Maybe we will see some resident birds, fall migrants, or other species.  We will also identify plants (both native and lingering trouble-maker invasives) and discuss why all of this matters.  


This is a family-friendly activity and the weather promises not to disappoint. We have much to be grateful to call Sunset Hills home. 


Hope to see you there! 


Robin Davis

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