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Below is the schedule for hanging the balls in the Sunset Hills Park. We are happy to have any help we can get with this project! There are different levels of effort so you can choose what best matches your skills. 


Nov 7th - Storage POD is delivered to 209 West Greenway Drive N 

Nov 7th to 8th or 9th - balls and gear unloaded from POD and each ball is tested to make sure at least 50% of lights work. If ball is dead, we restring with new LED lights provided by the Green Team. There are about 300ish balls to test so it’s fairly time consuming but easy to do with no physical strain. 

Nov 9th - Lay out the power grid from the electric panel to different points in the park. This is the nastiest, dirtiest work of getting the park ready. Cables are heavy and it’s dirty work crisscrossing the stream. I usually recruit my son to help if he isn’t hiding from me. 

Nov 10th - 18th - Hanging and hoisting balls in the trees. With 300ish balls to hang, we try and knock it out as quickly as we can. Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress! If you have a shooter pole or a solid method that you are comfortable with, come on down. If you are new to the hood and want to learn, happy to instruct on how we do it. I will be in the park hanging rain or shine so just come on down and lend a hand if you are around. 

Nov 19 - Park completed enough for Light the Park event at 5ish


Thanks for any help, it’s for a great cause and it’s nice getting to know neighbors better!


John Kelly

209 West Greenway Drive North 

Text - 336-207-8716

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