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Sunset Hills Environmental Affairs would like to remind everyone about a few things we can help with around this time:

Consider using LEDs and timers as you make your balls and put up your lights this year.  


Recycle old strands of holiday lights: various people around the neighborhood have set out bins in their yards where you can drop off old lights, which we will take to be recycled at Ecoflo on Patterson (you are also welcome to take the lights there yourself).  Look for the “Lighten The Burden” signs!  A list of addresses follows:


2205 Madison (bin will be on the Ridgeway side)

118 Kensington Road

213 Kensington Road

407 Greenway

405 S Chapman St
2504 Camden
Corner of Rolling and Tremont

1817 Madison

So far we have taken in about 450 pounds of broken lights this season.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

 Adam Graham-Squire


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